Current Projects

A Mother’s Hope

We have a program called ‘A Mother’s Hope.’ There is a program in our hometown (Grand Rapids, Michigan) for mothers who are struggling with postpartum depression. I am thankful that now there is a place where mothers can go every weekday from 9 am to 3 pm with their baby and get some help and HOPE. Can you believe that this program is only the second in the country to offer this type of program (where the baby stays with the mom)? A Mother’s Hope offers a quilt for the mom to use while she attends the program and then to bring home with her after she has completed her time in the program.

Here are the details of what we are asking quilters to send:

  1. A bright and cheery quilt that is approximately 36×50 inches. A little over or under is fine.
  2. Choose colors or a pattern that inspires you or brings you joy or HOPE.
  3. Include a short note to the mom on why you chose those colors or patterns – I I think they will enjoy this. Sign it with your first name and hometown – It’s always fun to know where your quilt came from.
  4. Please don’t think of this as a ‘charity’ quilt. This a a gift of HOPE. These moms don’t need charity, they need to know that tomorrow is a new day and there is hope for them and their family.
  5. Our mailing address is: Margaret’s Hope Chest – 630 Griswold SE – Grand Rapids, MI 49507

Wrapped in Hope

This program serves children of prisoners in the state of Michigan. We work together with Forgiven Ministries and give prisoners a chance to choose a quilt for each of their children.

Quilts should be approximately 40×60″ and themed for a child (ages 4-17). Sport themed quilts and pink/purple quilts are always popular. Also, quilts for older boys and girls are always needed.

We have need for 120 quilts per year for this program.